1. wereville:

    UUUUuuuufff! My guts. …Well, I guess you’re finally “Free” Haru…What’s that saying? “Welcome to Water Hell”? 

    Also, if that wasn’t a break up scene, (and then the laying in bed sulking bit) then I have never been in a relationship. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

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  2. bombshellart:


  3. rokskullmauler:

    Warlords of Draenor Orc Clan banners (from top down) - Warsong Clan, Shattered Hand Clan, Frostwolf Clan and Shadowmoon Clan

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  4. meadowlarking:

    gdi durochan

  5. dino-draws:

    hum. I tried drawing today but idk.. havent been able to draw recently

    omggg lil puff

  6. dino-draws:

    more birb dad doodles cos idk why not

  7. dino-draws:

    I doodled some Azir! Happy hot birb dad day. Also! HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS! 

  8. coryloftis:

    Some more Wildstar.  I forget how much art was made for this game.  I think if we measured it in craptons, there would be about 14.2 bajillion.  I invented that nonsense alien alphabet to get around localizing text for other countries.  Sidestepped that headache.

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  9. dino-draws:

    a line up of my WoW babiesss. i might do something with this later not sure

    I love how big and puffy Jiyi’s tail is

  10. dino-draws:

    A lil thing I did of Brigitte and Jean, who is Blaiz’s. Bein dum cutiesss


  11. dino-draws:

    Yay finisheddd. Roxine and her pets in color with a silly bg

    Aw yesss

  12. majoraman:


    i’m in love

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  13. brakken:

    conquer yourself

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  15. dino-draws:

    Guess who got their green fire today :’D